Feet Abroad, Heart in Tel Aviv Challenge

Feet Abroad, Heart in Tel Aviv Challenge 
Join Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon from Anywhere in the World!

Dear runners,
This year we’re running together separately at the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon, and although you can’t run in our beautiful city this year, here’s your chance to secure your spot at the 2022 Marathon, in Tel Aviv.
We're happy to announce a special Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2021 challenge - FEET ABROAD, HEART IN TEL AVIV. Run the marathon from anywhere in the world and have the chance to win a free flight and entry to next year's marathon in Tel Aviv!
To join the challenge, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Wear the official marathon shirt and chest number;
  2. Perform a marathon-related activity of your choice – running, training, getting ready, etc. – for the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2021 in your hometown
  3. Take a video or a photo of yourself while doing the above. Please note: submitting a video will give you a greater chance of winning
  4. Your video/ photo has to include you, while performing the above, in an iconic place, a symbolic site, or landmark in your city (for example: the Eiffel Tower, a statue, a well-known viewpoint, etc. OR an identifiable national emblem (for example: a flag)
  5. The videos/photos should be horizontal (6:19), videos should be a minimum of 15 seconds
  6. Please say your first name and place of residence at the beginning of the video (for example: “Hi, I’m ______ and today I’m joining the Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon 2021 Challenge from  _____)
  7. We also recommend attaching additional photos/videos from your training and preparations for the Marathon
  8. Please add: (1) Your full name; (2) phone number; (3) email and home address; (4) links to your social media accounts (Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ YouTube/TikTok etc.); (5) a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions
Please submit your videos/photos and the details above to this email: telavivmarathon@gmail.com by February 26th, 2021 and add the signed Terms and Conditions Document (Download Here)
Notice will be given to winners by March 4th, 2021
The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon Team and Tel Aviv Global & Tourism