Bank Leumi Tel Aviv Marathon's Love for the Environment Project


The bank leumi Tel Aviv Marathon was held this year on Friday 28/02/2025. This is the biggest sports event in Israel - 43,000 runners in a variety of events and over 100,000 fans and spectators. The marathon is an initiative of the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Sports Authority and produced by Kfiim Active. The organizers of the Platy-Aviv 2023 marathon set a Tel Aviv and challenging goal this year: to be one of the greenest marathons in the world!

Elements of the love for the environment project:
Revolution of water points - the water points will be placed on the route every 2.5-3 km, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. The water will be poured from 1.5 liter bottles into biodegradable cups made of corn starch, which will then be transferred at the end of the event in a logistical and production operation to the "Or" compost facility, in cooperation with "save it" company, The move will save over 60% of the bottles intended for use by the participants. The empty bottles will be collected at the end of the event by teenagers from pre-military preparatory schools and the deposit will be donated to social activities of the preparatory schools.
Pass it on (sponsored by Delta) - for several years we have been running the "Pass it on" project, which encourages the transfer of clothing you don't need, to those who need it. How It Works? The runners bring running shirts, sweatpants and other sports clothes (not including shoes) to the kit distribution complexes or to the start complex on the morning of the marathon, and the marathon team together with the American airline "Delta" undertake to wash them, fold them and deliver them to organizations in need.
The marathon bag - at the evaluation stations the race equipment will be waiting for the participants: chest number, measurement chip and the race shirt (if ordered). The equipment will be received in a biodegradable albedo bag made of recycled material.
The marathon shirt - over the years we have been upgrading and are aware of public criticism regarding the quality of the environment and the runners' criticism of the quality of the shirt and the need for it. This year the runners will have a choice between receiving an official quality brand T-shirt of the marathon or a reduced payment without receiving the T-shirt.
The marathon brochure - the traditional marathon brochure with all the information you should know: the event schedule, starting points, runners' kit, maps, routes, directions and more. The brochure will be released in a digital edition only.
Banners and advertising - at the end of the marathon event we will remove the banners and means of advertising, the taken+ company will spread and cut them into small sheets. You will then take the sheets to a seamstress where they will clean, cut and sew them into a designed and recycled bag.
Expo of Green Associations in the Marathon - Playtica Tel Aviv Marathon invites the associations for environmental quality to present their agenda at the marathon free of charge and receive a designated area for their pavilion.
Biodegradable dishes - in the marathon city complex, the participants will enjoy different podtracks, who will serve their food in biodegradable dishes only.
Food tracks - in the food tracks complex the participants will enjoy a variety of foods, one of the food tracks will be vegetarian.