Access , Parking and Traffic arrangements

Access , Parking and Traffic arrangements
Access and Parking.
The Start/Finish area is located on Rokach Blvd., 
between the TLV Convention Center and Ganei Yehoshua.
 Arrival by Car and Parking Arriving from the East:
1.    Take Route 4, exit at the Em Hamoshavot Interchange towards the Ayalon Mall intersection and from there to the shopping center's parking lot/Ramat Gan National Stadium parking lot or to parking lots in Ramat Hahayal or Hadar Yossef.
2.    Take Route 4, exit at the Morasha Interchange to Route 5 towards Tel Aviv, take a left at the Kfar Hayarok Interchange and travel south along Moshe Sneh Street which later turns into Pinhas Rosen Street towards the parking lots of Ramat Hahayalor Hadar Yossef.
 Arriving from North/South:
1.    On Ayalon Highway (Route 20) exit at KKL (Keren Kayemet L'Israel) from there continue east until Pinhas Rosen Street, travel south until you arrive at the intersection of Pinhas Rosen Street and Shytrit Street and from there continue to Ramat Hahayal or Hadar Yossef parking lots.
2.    On Ayalon Highway (Route 20) exit at the Hahalacha Interchange towards Ramat Gan, continue east on Bialik Street, turn left onto Abba-Hillel Silver Street until the Ayalon Mall/ Ramat Gan National Stadium parking lots.
Arriving from Tel Aviv center:
 Take Arlozorov Street east towards Ramat Gan (Stock Exchange area). Turn left onto Abba-Hillel Silver Street and continue to Ayalon Mall/Ramat Gan National Stadium parking lots.
 Arrival by Train On the day of the marathon:  
Information on the arrival's options, can be obtained at the center of each line *8787 and the call center of Israeli Railways *5770
 Traffic arrangements:
Traffic and parking will be forbidden on and off from 4:00 am to 1:30 pm on the running courses.
North: Rokach Blvd., Ta'aruha St., Levi Eshkol St., Shay Agnon St., Unizman St.,Tel Aviv port, road 20400 and Glilot junction.
West: Yarkon St., Herbert Samuel Esplanade, Koifman St. and Goldman St..
Center: Dizingoff St., Alenbi St., Rotchild St., Tarsat St., Ben-Gurion Blvd., Menahem Begin road, Kaplan St., Hasmonaim St., Iben Gabirol St and Marmurek St..
South: Jerusalem Blvd, Herzel St., Elipelet St. and the Aliah Hashnia St..
Also, Namir Road will be blocked for all traffic between Glilot junction and Pinkas St. from both directions between 5:00 am to 10:00 am.   
Furthermore, all roads that border or cross these roads will be blocked for traffic as well.
Please abstain from parking in the running courses begining Thursday, February 27th,18:00.
On the day of the event, February 28th, the participants and their supporters are asked to arrive from Bnei-Efraim St. It is recommended to park in Ayalon's mall parking lot or in Ramat HaHayal after 5:30 am.